“Smile Across Nepal” on Dental Implant Workshop – March 2013

By: Admin | Posted on: 2017-12-13 04:50:55

12th March, 2013, NDA (UK) life member Dr Sanjeeb Nepali led the Charity ” Smile Across Nepal” to conduct two days hands on course on dental implants, in collaboration with department of dentistry at Dhulikhel Hospital, Nepal. The program included series of lectures on hands on practical and live video surgeries. Total 55 participants from different hospitals of Nepal participated in the course. The major participants were Professors, Interns, and other health workers. The first half of the opening day consists lectures on basic implant logy, techniques of implants and different available system in the world. On the second half, live surgeries were performed. Total of three surgeries were done in which there was active participation of the delegates and course faculties via the audio-visual medium. This mode of learning was highly appreciated by the delegates. The day was called off by Gala Dinner. The second day started with an hour of lecture followed by live surgeries. Total two surgeries were done this day. The cases were more complicated on second-day session. One of the cases was immediate implant and the other was multiple implants on the same patient. Discussion on the surgeries performed during the course and lecture on the complication of implant surgery was done. The course was wrapped up by distributing certificates and group photograph.