Article III of the constitution declares following as the members of the NDA (UK):
Full Membership: All doctors and dental surgeons of Nepalese origin residing in the UK for more than one year shall be eligible for full membership of the Association.
Associate Membership: Shall be open to all doctors and dental surgeons in the UK and medical and dental students of Nepalese origin on approval by the executive committee.
Life Membership: Any full or associate member shall be eligible for life membership on payment of fees.
Family Membership To be eligible the applicant must be over 18 years of age, not be a member of the medical or dental profession, have resided in the UK for more than year, and be a 1st degree relatives of a NDA (UK) full member. The application must be approved by the executive committee. A family member is required to pay the annual fee or may apply for life membership.

Full and Associate members will be addressed as ordinary members henceforth.

MEMBERSHIP FEE (from 28th Nov 2009):

Ordinary Membership:

Trainee Membership:

Life Membership:

£25 per annum

£15 per annum


Notice to Members

Dear Members,

Please let the executive committee know, if you have recently changed your e mail address, phone number or home address by emailing to

Membership Benefit

Membership Benefits

1. Personalised Membership Card (Currently being printed; will be distributed soon)

2. Popular discounts in Restaurants and theatres in Nepal and UK (Currently being negotiated)

- Official Pub Partner in Nepal: Irish Pub, Pokhara, Nepal (15% discount for the members who present the membership Card)