NDA and Charity

By: Admin | Posted on: 2016-06-16 10:37:33

Registered Charity No: 1170381

The Nepalese Doctors Association is a socio-professional  organisation but charity has been at its heart since its formation.

Our charity is aimed at improving healthcare in Nepal and Nepalese communities in the UK at its core as well as helping out in events of natural disasters in Nepal. Monies fundraised will go towards helping health care in Nepal such as training healthcare workers, setting up clinics and buying materials and equipment for Nepal as well as helping in times of…

We can take pride in the fact that over the years our organisation has been responding to our duty to others and I would like to take this opportunity to pay tribute all those members of the NDA who have been involved in this noble task since its beginning. It is now the responsibility of the younger generation to take this further.  As such any suggestion and any donation however, small would be most helpful. Apart from the NDA as an organisation, several members have raised funds on a personal basis for specific charity activities in Nepal.

The list, below of the charity work by the NDA, is by no means comprehensive and as such, we would welcome information from the members about their contribution so that it can be included too.