Name: The Association shall be called ‘Nepalese Doctors Association’ in the United Kingdom, NDA (UK) in abbreviation.


Aims and Objectives:

• To establish greater understanding and co-operation amongst the Nepalese doctors in the United Kingdom.
• To promote and foster good relations between Nepalese doctors residing in the United Kingdom, doctors in Nepal and

other members of Medical profession in the UK.
• To initiate collaboration with similar organisations in Nepal and be of assistance whenever possible.
• To exchange ideas and thoughts in the field of Medicine with fellow Nepalese doctors living in other countries.
• To promote cultural exchange with other groups having similar interest.
• To promote fraternity amongst Nepalese of other walks of life residing in the United Kingdom.



Clause 1: Full Membership:  All doctors and dental surgeons of Nepalese origin residing in the UK for more than one

year shall be eligible for full membership of the Association.

Clause 2: Associate Membership: Shall be open to all doctors and dental surgeons in the UK and medical and dental

students of Nepalese origin on approval by the executive committee.

Clause 3: Life Membership: Any full, associate or family member shall be eligible for life membership on payment of fees.

Clause 4: Honorary Membership: To be awarded by the general body to distinguished individuals in recognition of

outstanding contribution in the field of medicine and towards Nepalese cause.

Clause 5:Family Membership: To be eligible the applicant must be over 18 years of age, not be a member of the medical or dental profession, have resided in the UK for more than year, and be a 1st degree relatives of a NDA (UK) full member.  The application must be approved by the executive committee. A family member is required to pay the annual fee or may apply for life membership. The family member can be any member of the executive committee, all way up to chairperson.


General Body

• General body shall consist of all full members of the Association.
• Shall elect office bearers and members of the Executive Committee.
• Accept Annual and Financial reports.
• Shall decide on unforeseen matters arising from time to time.


Executive Committee

Clause 1: Composition of Executive Committee


Vice Chairman

General Secretary


Joint Secretary and

Six Committee members

One committee member may be a family member

Clause 2: Functions of Executive Committee

• The Committee shall be responsible for day to day management of affairs of the Association.
• Shall appoint sub-committee and officials as required from time to time.
• Shall accept the resignation of the Chairman when tendered.

Clause 3: Functions of the Office Bearers

Sub- clause I Chairman

• Shall be the official representative of the Association.
• Maintain order and see that the rules are observed.
• Use a casting vote in case of tie.
• Call emergency meetings.
• Accepts resignations of members and office bearers in consultation with the executive committee

Sub- clause II Vice Chairman

• To act as Chairman in the absence of Chairman.

Sub-clause III General Secretary

• Shall be principal executive officer.
• Shall call executive and general body meetings in consultation with the Chairman.
• Shall keep the minutes of all the meetings.
• Shall correspond on behalf of the Association.
• Shall prepare and submit report at the Annual General Meetings.

Sub-clause IV Treasurer

• Shall open a joint Bank Account in the name of the Association with another member of the committee

nominated by the committee.
• Shall collect subscriptions and other incomings to the Association.
• Shall be responsible for all financial transactions within the limit imposed by the General Body from time

to time on the recommendation of the executive committee.
• Shall maintain a financial record and submit for auditing and present a report at the Annual General Meeting.

Sub- clause VI Joint Secretary

• To act as General Secretary in the absence of General Secretary.



• Subscriptions and fees shall be decided by the General Body from time to time on the recommendation of the

executive committee.



Apart from the general meetings, there shall be at least two executive meetings in a year.

Notice of the forthcoming meeting shall be given at least two months in advance in case of AGM and two weeks

in case of an executive committee meeting.

In the event of meeting not held due to lack of quorum, shorter notice on the discretion of the Chairman shall be sent.

Members present at the subsequent meeting shall constitute a valid quorum.

Emergency meetings may be called at a shorter notice on the discretion of the Chairman.



A simple majority shall make a quorum at all the meetings of the Association.



The tenure of the executive committee shall be for a period of two years.

No office bearer shall hold the same post for more than four years consecutively. In the absence of general consent,

election of the Office Bearers shall be conducted by a secret ballot.

A returning officer shall be appointed to conduct the Election.

Casual Vacancies shall be filled in by Co-Option by the executive committee.

Only full members of the Association shall be eligible to vote and contest in the election.

Vote of no-confidence against any member of the committee or office bearer may be submitted to the committee in

writing by at least ten percent of the current membership. Such proposal shall require two third majority consent from amongst the members in the General Meeting to be passed.


Amendment and Dissolution

Any proposal for amendment of any article, clause, sub-clause or any other particular point mentioned in the existing

constitution must be submitted in writing to the General Secretary. The General Secretary shall submit the proposal to

the executive committee and if accepted shall be circulated along with the agenda for the general meeting (annual) to

all the members. Two third majority of the members present at the Annual General Meeting shall be required to pass

such proposals.

In the event of non-functioning of the Association, all members shall be duly notified of the dissolution. The existing

executive committee shall appoint a Custodian to look after the asset of the Association until such a time, the Association is revived.

(Amended 2013)